10 BJJ submissions you should know

You need a plethora of BJJ submissions at hand, for the purpose to become a tough Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter. Though, there are different jiu jitsu submissions such as the body part lock (wristlock, shoulder lock, arm lock) and chokes (triangle choke, etc.).

The good news is that these submissions techniques lead to submit your BJJ opponent when you use them effectively.

What are the best ten BJJ submissions?

What follows is an awesome ten jiu jitsu BJJ submissions list; add them to your game so you become a savage BJJ grappling competitor. 

1. Triangle choke BJJ Submissions

jiu jitsu submissions

The triangle choke occurs when a BJJ practitioner wraps his legs around his jiu jitsu opponent’s neck. And though, he leaves one opponent’s arms inside the wrapped leg.

The triangle chokes BJJ produces high pressure across the neck. And thus, this will disturb the blood flow, and, leading the jiu jitsu opponent to either submit or go to sleep.

Otherwise, a Brazilian ju jitsu fighter can get a triangle from different BJJ positions like the close guard, the mount, the back, half guard, and more.

Triangle choke BJJ from the mount 

Source: MMA Leech

Jiu jitsu triangle choke from the back

Source: BJJ Fanatics

Brazilian jiu-jitsu triangle choke from the guard

Source: MMA Leech

Awesome, you should try to go for the triangle choke at the next jiu jitsu fight.  It’s a very effective BJJ submission.

2. Omoplata BJJ Submissions

The omoplata may be one of the highly effective Brazilian jiu jitsu submissions. So when a BJJ practitioner can process an omoplata BJJ?

The jiu jitsu omoplata is a BJJ submission where a practitioner attacks his opponent’s shoulder. Meanwhile, the BJJ attacker’s legs and hips are in a position that produces an extension of the opponent’s shoulder.

Thus, the jiu jitsu opponent is leading to submit or tap out due to the shoulder lock.

Omoplata BJJ from the triangle choke

source: Stephan Kesting

Omoplata jiu jitsu from the armbar

Source: MMA Leech

The jiu jitsu omoplata is one of many tough BJJ submissions. It’s very easy to get it, just think about it when you’re rolling at your next Brazilian jiu-jitsu sessions.  

3. Armbar Jiu Jitsu Submissions

The BJJ armbar is one of Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s fundamental submissions techniques. A jiu jitsu practitioner can get an armbar BJJ submission, when he arrives to isolate and control his jiu jitsu opponent’s arm.

The isolated arm becomes a weak spot of the body. And this jiu jitsu submission is processed well the opponent has no choice just to tap out.