How Much Are Boxing Classes? (Explained!)

Boxing is a popular Olympic sport and kind of exercise that provides several advantages to both the body and the mind. It is a striking martial art that people train to get in shape, learn self-defense, etc. So, how much do boxing classes cost them?

Boxing classes may cost between $80 and $200 per month, depending on the location of the boxing club, the instructor’s expertise, and the number of sessions per month. In addition, the cost of boxing varies depending on whether you train in amateur or professional boxing.

Boxing is a fantastic combat sport that everyone should learn. This piece will cover the cost of boxing classes and the factors that can influence this fee. Stay tuned!

How Much Do Boxing Classes Cost?

Boxing combat sports classes may cost anything from $80 to $200 per month.

However, depending on the quality of the coaching, the boxing style you want to learn, and other factors, this fee may exceed $300 monthly.

The following table breaks down the daily and monthly boxing lesson estimated costs.

Training PeriodKids BoxersAdults Boxers
One Session$20 – $40$20 – $40
Monthly$99 – $250$99- $350

Otherwise, the cost of a boxing class varies from gym to gym. The table below displays the prices of children’s and adult classes at various boxing Dojo throughout the United States.

LocationDojoMonthly Class Cost for youth/KidsMonthly Class Cost for Adults
San Francisco3RD STREET BOXING GYM$99 – $250$185 – $215
San FranciscoHIT Fit SF$219 – $259$219 – $259
New YorkOVERTHROW NY$99 – $350$99 – $350
Manhasset, NYMayweather Boxing + Fitness$139– $149$139– $149

Disclaimer: Please remember that these are estimations and may vary based on the gym’s location, membership type, and time of year. Research and get quotations from other gyms to acquire a more exact price.

Are Boxing Classes Expensive?

Boxing training classes vary in price, although they are generally considered reasonably priced.

The following criteria can influence the boxing training cost enormously:

  • Dojo Location: The cost of living in a particular area may considerably impact the cost of boxing instruction. Those in large cities or densely populated areas are typically more expensive than those in rural or small villages.
  • Boxing Instructor’s Reputation: The cost is also influenced by the boxing instructor’s expertise, certifications, and reputation. A well-known and world-class boxing teacher may charge more than a less experienced instructor.
  • Boxing facility: The cost of maintaining and managing a boxing facility may also influence course costs. For example, a gym with plenty of equipment and a big surface may charge more for classes than a smaller, more basic facility.
  • Membership: Some gyms may offer membership options, such as monthly or annual, which may affect class prices. Otherwise, gyms often offer training pockets for beginner, intermediate, or advanced boxers that vary in price.
  • Registration Fees: Some boxing gyms charge a registration fee of up to $400 per year, depending on the gym’s reputation and the trainees’ membership choice.
  • Sports Practice Insurance: Boxing is a high-contact sport that may result in significant injuries. As a consequence, clubs require members to pay an insurance charge, which may impact the cost of the lesson.
  • Gym Equipment: Some boxing clubs may provide access to various pieces of equipment and may require you to wear their clothing brand, which may boost the class fee.

Are Boxing Classes Expensive Compared to Other Combat Sports?

Boxing classes are less costly than well-known combat sports such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai.

The chart below breaks down the average monthly class cost of specific well-known fighting sports, such as Karate, BJJ, Judo, and others.

Martial ArtAverage Monthly Cost
Boxing$80 – $200
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu$150 – $350
Karate$50 – $150
Taekwondo$100 – $200
Judo$100 – $200
Muay Thai$100 – $250
MMA$150 – $300

It should be noted that these are typical prices for training classes, and each gym or association may have a different pricing structure for their Martial arts training membership.

Indeed, prices vary based on the location, the number of sessions per week/month, etc. Furthermore, martial arts clubs may charge various rates for one-on-one and private training sessions.

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Why Do People Choose to Train in Boxing Without Being Overwhelmed by Class Fees?

Boxing is one of the most spectacular Olympic combat sports, with millions of practitioners and supporters. 

People choose to train in boxing for a variety of reasons, despite being overwhelmed by the cost of classes:

  • Boxing Reputation: Boxing has gained a considerable reputation and popularity over the years. Therefore many people participate in boxing training because of that fact.
  • Affordable Boxing Training Options: Many gyms and clubs provide a range of low-cost membership options. Otherwise, they arrange a variety of cultural and recreational activities, as well as a camp.
  • Fitness Benefits: Boxing is a full-body exercise that burns many calories while improving cardiovascular fitness. It’s a fun and practical method to get in shape.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Boxing is an excellent technique to reduce stress and healthily channel negative energy.
  • Passion and Interest: Many individuals opt to train in boxing because they are enthusiastic about the sport and want to develop their abilities and knowledge.
  • Improve Self-Defense Skills: Boxing can teach you how to protect yourself in bad situations using effective punching techniques. Otherwise, it boosts trainees’ confidence and sense of self-preservation.
  • Improve Self-Discipline: Boxers enhance their attention, focus, and self-discipline while increasing their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Community Belonging: Boxing gyms and clubs provide a feeling of community and camaraderie; many individuals like training with others with similar aims and interests.
  • Competitions: Boxers may compete in excellent tournaments, including the Boxing Olympic competition, that will challenge and help them develop.


Boxing is fantastic martial art and fighting sport with millions of followers. It is an excellent method to enhance fitness, self-defense, and general well-being.

Boxing classes can cost between $100 and $200 per month. Yet, it can be influenced by the type of boxing discipline, membership type, location, Gym, Instructor reputation/experience, etc.

By studying, comparing boxing course prices, and evaluating the quality of instruction and training, you can make an informed decision and locate the best gym or club nearby.

Remember that you can always change your boxing gym or club if you are dissatisfied with your training experience.