How Much Are Kickboxing Classes? (Explained!)

Kickboxing is a popular workout with several health and mental advantages. It is an eye-catching martial art that many people practice to enhance their fitness, acquire self-defense, and other benefits. However, many individuals are curious about: How much kickboxing classes are?

Kickboxing classes may range from $80 to $150 per month. Yet, depending on the training conditions, specific gyms or clubs may charge more or less than this.

Kickboxing is an excellent fighting sport that anybody should practice. This article will discuss the cost of Kickboxing courses and the elements that might impact this cost. Keep an eye out!

How Much Do Kickboxing Classes Cost?

Kickboxing combat sports lessons may range in price from $80 to $150 per month.

However, depending on the quality of the coaching, location, and other things, this charge may extend to more than $150 per month.

The following table includes daily and monthly kickboxing class costs for youth and adults.

Kickboxing TrainingKickboxing Fee
1 Class$20 – $40
5 Classes$95 – $125
10 Classes$195 – $250
20 Classes$370 – $460
30 Classes$495 – $550
Monthly$80 – $260
Yearly$1100 – $2000

The cost of a kickboxing class varies from gym to gym. The table below displays the prices of adult classes at various kickboxing Dojo throughout the United States.

LocationKickboxing DojoMonthly Class CostYearly Class Cost
San Antonio, TXiLoveKickboxing$149$1788
San FranciscoOne Martial Arts$169$2000
Pasadena, CAClassic Kickboxing$119 – $249$1428
New YorkHip Fit Fitness$260
Chicago, ILTITLE Boxing Club$89 – $129
Grand Rapids, MICKO Kickboxing Grand Rapids Downtown$135$1185

Disclaimer: Please remember that these are estimated prices and may vary based on the gym’s location, membership type, and time of year. Research and get quotations directly from the kickboxing dojo to acquire a more exact price.

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Are Kickboxing Classes Expensive?

kickboxing classes might be costly if you opt to participate in a separate group of lessons. On the Other hand, if you enroll in a long-term subscription, the lessons will be less costly.

For example, Classic Kickboxing Gym charges $195 for a single 10 Classes group but just $120 monthly if you sign up with their yearly plan. As a result, the yearly plan is around 35% less costly.

Aside from that, the following criteria can influence the kickboxing training cost enormously:

  • Kickboxing Dojo Location: The cost of living in a specific place may significantly influence the cost of boxing training. For example, large cities and heavily inhabited areas are often more costly than rural or small village locations.
  • Kickboxing Instructor’s Reputation: The kickboxing teacher’s skill, credentials, and reputation also impact the cost. For example, a famous and world-class kickboxing coach may charge more than a less experienced instructor.
  • Boxing facility: The expense of maintaining and administering a kickboxing facility may also impact course prices. For example, a gym with a lot of equipment and a large area may charge more for courses than a smaller, more basic one.
  • Membership: Some kickboxing gyms may have membership choices, such as monthly or yearly membership, which may influence class costs. Otherwise, most gyms provide training pockets that range in price for beginner, intermediate, and experienced kickboxers.
  • Registration Fees: Many kickboxing schools charge up to $100 annually as a registration fee, depending on the gym’s reputation and the trainees’ membership choice.
  • Sports Practice Insurance: Kickboxing is a high-contact sport that may cause serious injuries. As a result, clubs ask members to pay an insurance fee, which may affect the class price.
  • Gym Equipment: Some kickboxing clubs may give access to various equipment and demand you to wear their apparel brand, which may increase the class price.

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Are Kickboxing Classes Expensive Compared to Other Fighting Sports?

Kickboxing classes may be more costly than combat sports, such as Karate. However, it may cost less or be the same as other combat fighting disciplines, including boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA.

However, the cost of equipment and gear varies between combat sports, which may impact the overall cost. In addition, depending on the circumstances, specific gyms or clubs may charge more or less for combat sports.

Indeed, class prices vary depending on location, the number of sessions each week/month, and so on. In addition, a martial arts club may charge different fees for one-on-one and private training sessions.

The table below breaks down the typical monthly class cost of some popular combat sports such as boxing, karate, BJJ, and judo.

Martial ArtAverage Monthly Cost
Kickboxing$80 to $150
Boxing$80 – $200
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu$150 – $350
Karate$50 – $150
Taekwondo$100 – $200
Judo$100 – $200
Muay Thai$100 – $250
MMA$150 – $300

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Why Do People Choose to Train In Kickboxing Despite Class Fees?

Kickboxing is a tremendous combative combat sport with millions of practitioners and admirers.

Despite the high expense of lessons, people prefer to train in kickboxing for various reasons:

  • Kickboxing Reputation: The presence of several kickboxing entities, such as Glory Kickboxing, raises the profile and competitiveness of this martial art. As a result, many people begin kickboxing training.
  • Affordable Kickboxing Training: Many gyms and clubs offer a variety of low-cost membership choices. Aside from that, they organize many outdoor and recreational events and a camp.
  • Physical Fitness Benefits: Kickboxing is a full-body activity that burns many calories while increasing cardiovascular fitness. It’s a fun and effective way to get in shape.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Kickboxing is an excellent practice for reducing stress and healthily channeling negative energy.
  • Advantages of Kickboxing for Self-Defense: Kickboxing teaches its practitioners how to defend themselves in dangerous situations. Otherwise, it boosts trainees’ self-esteem and self-preservation.
  • Passion and Interest: Many people train in kickboxing because they are passionate about the sport and want to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Improve Self-Discipline: Kickboxers improve their attention, concentration, and self-discipline while enhancing their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Community Belonging: Kickboxing gyms and clubs provide a sense of community and camaraderie; many like training with others with similar goals and interests.
  • Competitions: Several competitions attract kickboxers from all around the globe.


Kickboxing is a striking martial art and combat sport emphasizing punching and kicking techniques. It has millions of fans and is practiced for improving fitness, self-defense, and overall health.

Kickboxing courses may range from $80 to $150 per month. Yet, this expense varies according to the gym kickboxing membership type, location, gym, and instructor reputation/experience, among other factors.

You can make a great selection and discover the best gym or club by researching, comparing kickboxing class costs, and analyzing the quality of instructor and training.

If you are disappointed with your training experience, remember that you may always change your kickboxing gym or club.

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