How Much Are Muay Thai Classes? (A Closer Look)

Muay Thai, “Art of Eight Limbs,” is a renowned martial art that originated in Thailand. It is a severe striking fighting style practiced worldwide for MMA, self-defense, fitness, etc. As a result, many people want to know how much Muay Thai courses cost before enrolling.

Muay Thai classes may cost between $100 and $200 per month (3 to 4 sessions/week). However, the location of the Dojo, the quality of instruction, and other factors may have an impact on this cost.

Don’t let the expense of training keep you from receiving the Art of Eight Limbs benefits. This post will look at the typical cost of Muay Thai classes and suggest finding less expensive options. Stay tuned!

How Much Do Muay Thai Classes Cost?

Muay Thai courses may cost from $100 to $200 per month. However, this cost may vary significantly based on the membership type, gym location, amount of lessons per week, and coaching quality, among other factors.

The table below shows the average cost of a Muay Thai class per day, month, and year.

Training PeriodMuay Thai Training Fee
1 class$30 – $50
10 classesup to $200
Monthly (unlimited)$100 – $200
Yearly (unlimited)$1100 – $2400

The cost of a Muay Thai class varies depending on the Dojo. Class prices for adults or kids differ from one Dojo to another; see the following example.

LocationMuay Thai DojoMonthly Class CostYearly Class Cost
Saint Petersburg FloridaPhi Phi Muay Thai.$168 – $240$2000 – $2880
Flagstaff ArizonaInsurgent Fitness$80 – $110$960
Clybourn Ave Chicago, ILChicago Kickboxing Club$152 – $199$1800 – $2400
North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL
Chicago MMA$199$1800
Ravenswood, Chicago ILAiki Training Hall$150 $1320 – $1560
New YorkAT JIUJITSU NYC $140 – $250$1600 – $2800
Libertyville, ILCore Martial Arts and Fitness$120 – $149$1440 – $1800

Disclaimer: Please remember that these costs may vary depending on the Muay Thai gym’s location, membership type, and time of year. To get more precise pricing, research and obtain prices directly from the martial art school.

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Are Muay Thai Classes Expensive Compared to Other Combat Sports?

Muay Thai classes may cost the same as Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They may, however, be less expensive than Karate and Taekwondo courses.

However, the cost of equipment and gear varies amongst combat sports, which may impact the overall cost. Furthermore, specific gyms or clubs may charge more or less for martial arts classes, depending on their reputation and training level.

Furthermore, training fees vary depending on location, number of sessions per week/month, etc.

The table below shows the average monthly class cost of many popular martial arts, including Muay Thai, Taekwondo, boxing, Karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and judo.

Martial ArtAverage Monthly Cost
Muay Thai$100 – $200
Taekwondo$100 – $150
Kickboxing$80 to $150
Boxing$80 – $200
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu$150 – $350
Karate$50 – $150
Judo$100 – $200
MMA$150 – $300

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Why Do People Choose to Train In Muay Thai Despite Class Fees?

Muay Thai is a well-known martial art that originated in Thailand and has proven effective in combat scenes. Millions of people choose to learn Muay Thai for a variety of reasons, despite the high cost of lessons:

  • Popularity: Muay Thai is one of the most popular martial art. As a consequence, many individuals have started learning Muay Thai.
  • Affordable Training Prices: Many Muay Thai dojos and clubs offer low-cost membership options. Aside from that, they host several outdoor and recreational activities and a camp.
  • Effectiveness in MMA: Many people become acquainted with Muay Thai due to its effectiveness in mixed martial arts.
  • Self-Defense Benefits: Muay Thai teaches its practitioners to protect themselves in dangerous circumstances using effective striking techniques.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Muay Thai is an excellent way to relieve stress and healthily channel negative energy.
  • Physical Health Benefits: Muay Thai is a full-body workout that burns many calories while improving cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improve Self-Discipline: Muay Thai improves attention, focus, and self-discipline while increasing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Passion and Interest: Many individuals practice Muay Thai because they are enthusiastic about this fighting style and want to increase their abilities and knowledge.
  • Competitions: Various competitions attract Muay Thai practitioners from around the world, including The IFMA World Muaythai Championships, WBC Muay Thai, etc.

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How Can I Locate Low-Cost Muay Thai Classes?

Finding a good Muay Thai class at a reasonable price is a great deal for you or your children’s training. Consider the following cost-cutting strategies for Muay Thai lessons:

Here are a few options for finding low-cost Muay Thai classes:

  • Check out community centers, parks, and recreation departments for discounted classes.
  • Before purchasing any Muay Thai class subscription, always request a free trial training session. This could be a great way to try a class before committing to a monthly membership.
  • Look for beginner-level or group classes, which are usually less expensive than private lessons.
  • Examine local gyms or studios for special promotions, discounts, or introductory offers.
  • Request referrals from friends or acquaintances who may be aware of low-cost Muay Thai classes in your area.
  • Look for individuals or small gyms offering classes at a lower cost in online classifieds and social media groups.
  • Consider enrolling in online muay Thai home training if they meet your needs. This is because online Muay Thai classes may be less expensive and more flexible in scheduling.

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Muay Thai is a popular martial art fighting sport. It is a powerful striking martial art for improving fitness, self-defense, and general wellness.

Muay Thai sessions may range from $100 to $200 per month, depending on criteria such as membership type, gym location, training quality, and teacher reputation/experience.

You can make an educated selection and choose the best Muay Thai gym or club in your region by researching, comparing Muay Thai class costs, and assessing the quality of teaching and training.

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