Korean Martial Art Olympic Sport

Koreans have developed several distinct martial arts and military techniques to protect themselves and their homeland. As a result, millions worldwide practice Taekwondo, Hapkido, and other armed and unarmed Korean martial arts.

Korean martial arts have a long history that dates back thousands of years; therefore, are there any martial arts in the Olympics?

Taekwondo is the only Korean martial art sport that has competed in the Olympics since 2000. Continue reading to learn more about Korea’s only Olympic martial art sport.

How Many Korean Martial Arts Olympic Sports Are There?

The Summer Olympic Games include Taekwondo, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, and other martial arts. On the other hand, Taekwondo is the only Korean Olympic martial arts sport approved by the IOC.

People can practice over 25 Korean martial arts for self-defense, discipline, develop body balance & control, etc. Moreover, Koreans have been developing practical fighting disciplines to protect their properties for years.

Taekwondo, along with Hapkido, is one of the most well-known Korean fighting sports. Because of Gen. Choi Hong Hi’s efforts, TKD has gained enormous popularity in the United States and worldwide.

Otherwise, this Korean art gets famous since it promotes some essential qualities such as honesty, kindness, loyalty, and teamwork.

Furthermore, Taekwondo rose to popularity in the early twentieth century, earning recognition from the International Olympic Committee. Then, Taekwondo entered the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, in 2000.

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Taekwondo Competition Format

Taekwondo event takes place in an octagonal-shaped space 8m in diameter. Otherwise, athletes are split into various TKD weight classes to ensure fair competition and high-level performance.

A Taekwondo match consists of two competitors of the same weight class. To proceed to the next round, each contestant must win via knockout or get more points by making effective punches and kicks.

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Over 25 Korean martial arts may be practiced for self-defense, discipline, developing bodily balance and control, and so on. Koreans have been creating practical combat skills to preserve their property for years.

The Summer Olympic Games include many martial arts sports. Although, Taekwondo is the only Korean Olympic martial arts sport approved by the IOC.