Muay Thai Weight Classes (Explained!)

Like other striking martial arts tournaments, Muay Thai is considered a professional sport with several weight classes for its competitors.

Muay Thai is a famous striking martial art used especially in mixed martial arts, self-defense, etc. It is known as the art of the eight limbs since Thai Boxers can use punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and more to hurt their opponent. Nowadays,

This article discusses the various Muay Thai weight classes for men and women. Stay tuned!

What Are the Different Muay Thai Weight Classes?

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Muay Thai is an ancient martial art that was used on the battlefield in the 13th century. But since the 16th century, it has become popular as a striking sport with several weight classes, as mentioned below.

Professional Muay Thai Weight Classes

Professional Muay Thai Weight classWeight limit in poundsWeight limit in kilograms
Mini Flyweight100 to 105 lbs 45.3 to 47.6 kg
Flyweight108 to 112 lbs 49 to 50.8 kg
Bantamweight115 to 118 lbs 52.1 to 53.5 kg
Featherweight122 to 126 lbs 55.3 to 57.1 kg
Lightweight130 to 135 lbs 58.9 to 61.2 kg
Welterweight140 to 147 lbs 63.5 to 66.6 kg
Middleweight156 to 160 lbs 70.7 to 72.5 kg
Heavyweight+ 175 lbs + 79.3 kg

Junior Muay Thai Weight Classes

Junior Muay Thai Weight classWeight limit in poundsWeight limit in kilograms
Flyweight105 to 108 lbs 47.6 to 49 kg
Bantamweight112 to 115 lbs 50.8 to 52.1 kg
Featherweight118 to 122 lbs 53.5 to 55.3 kg
Lightweight126 to 130 lbs 57.1 to 58.9 kg
welterweight135 to 140 lbs 61.2 to 63.5 kg
Middleweight147 to 156 lbs 66.6 to 70.7 kg
Heavyweight160 to 175 lbs 72.5 to 79.3 kg


Muay Thai is a well-known striking martial art that can be used in MMA, self-defense, and other situations. It is practiced worldwide and enjoys a fantastic reputation and popularity.

The art of the eight limbs has produced many ferocious fighters who can fight effectively with their elbows, knees, legs, hands, and so on. Aside from that, Muay Thai is now considered a professional sport, with contestants divided into weight classes.

We hope this essay has helped you understand the different Muay Thai weight divisions.

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